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There has been a last minute addition to the programme: Claudia Aguilar from the University of Barcelona will present her research on network analysis and personal identity in panel one. Her paper is titled “Does my network influence my identification? Citizens beyond ethnicity in Sarajevo”.

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Update on key-note

The programme has been updated with the title of Florian Bieber’s key-note:

“Is Valter coming back? On the (im)possibilty of overcoming ethnic divisions in Dayton Bosnia”

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Final programme




Palace of the Academies
Rue Ducale 1
1000 Brussels


2.00 pm

Key-note: Florian Bieber (University of Kent): “Is Valter coming back? On the (im)possibility of overcoming ethnic divisions in Dayton Bosnia”

Panel 1: Political identities beyond institutions

Claudia Aguilar (University of Barcelona) “Does my network influence my identification? Citizens beyond ethnicity in Sarajevo”.

Igor Stiks and Jo Shaw (University of Edinburgh, UK) – “A laboratory of citizenship : shifting conceptions of citizenship in Yugoslavia and its successor states”

Eldar Sarajlic (University of Edinburgh/University of Sarajevo, BiH) – “The Bosnian triangle: Ethnicity, politics and citizenship”

Discussant: Florian Bieber (University of Kent)

3.45 pm: Coffee break

4.00 pm

Panel 2: Actors for change

Sylvie Ramel (University of Geneva, Switzerland) – “Staging and demonstrating the EU normative force as (self)identification processes. From ‘mutual recognition’ to ‘transitional political space'”

Daniel Bochsler et al. (CEU, Hungary) – “Non-discriminatory rules and ethnic representation: the election of the Bosnian state presidency”

Discussant: Barbara Delcourt (ULB)

8.00 pm: Diner for paper givers and discussants – La Manufacture


09.00 am

Panel 3 Between nationalism and anti-nationalism

Heleen Touquet (KUL Belgium) – “Republika Srpska as a nationalizing state and its impact on postethnic activism”

Sarah Correia (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) – “The politics of memory in Bosnia’s Republika Srpsk”a

Damir Arsenijevic (University of Tuzla)- “Mobilising unbribable life”

Discussant : Peter Vermeersch (KU Leuven)

10.30 am: coffee break

11.00 am

Panel 4 – The politics of reconciliation

Alex Jeffrey (Newcastle University, UK) – “Narratives of Justice: Examining the Role of Civil Society organisations in Transitional Justice in Bosnia”

Julianne Funk-Deckard (KUL and Lenoir-Rhyne University, NC, USA)  “Reconciling religious communities through identity transformation”

Briony Smith-Jones (Manchester University, UK) – “The politics of reconciliation: Thinking about locality and education reform in Bosnia-Herzegovina”

Discussant: Francis Cheneval (ULB, Brussels)

12.30 pm sandwich lunch at venue for all participants

2.00 pm
Panel 5 – Between past and future

Jasmina Husanovic (Tuzla University, BiH)- ” “Bosnia as a stinkpot of Europe”: metaphorising and materialising global spectres of governance and authority or towards emancipatory politics”

Nadia Capuzzo-Derkovic (University of Geneva) – “Dealing with and healing from the past: the role of cultural heritage preservation and monuments erection in the reconciliation process in Bosnia-Herzegovina”

Melina Sadikovic (University of Sarajevo) – “Ethnification of Memories Re-membering practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Discussant: Stef Jansen (Manchester University, UK)

3.30 pm Break

4.00 pm Conclusions, by Peter Vermeersch

5.00 pm End

Dit contactforum wordt gesteund door de Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten en het Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO).

This contactforum is generously supported by the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts and by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO).

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